Arabic Stemmer for Text Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘arabicStemR’ version 1.2

Help Pages

arabicStemR-package A package for stemming Arabic for text analysis.
aljazeera Arabic text
arabicStemR A package for stemming Arabic for text analysis.
cleanChars Clean all characters that are not Latin or Arabic
cleanLatinChars Clean Latin characters
doStemming Removes Arabic prefixes and suffixes
fixAlifs Standardize different hamzas on alif seats
removeArabicNumbers Remove Arabic numbers
removeDiacritics Remove Arabic diacritics
removeEnglishNumbers Remove English numbers
removeFarsiNumbers Remove Farsi numbers
removeNewlineChars Remove new line characters
removeNumbers Remove English, Arabic, and Farsi numerals.
removePrefixes Remove Arabic prefixes
removePunctuation Remove punctuation.
removeStopWords Remove Arabic stopwords.
removeSuffixes Remove Arabic suffixes
reverse.transliterate Transliterate latin characters into Arabic unicode characters
stem Arabic Stemmer for Text Analysis
transliterate Transliterate Arabic unicode characters into latin characters