Seeking and Finding Clones in Copy Number and Sequencing Data

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Documentation for package ‘CloneSeeker’ version 1.0.11

Help Pages

coerce-method Class "WeightVector"
coerce-method Class "Tumor"
dataGen Simulating Tumor Clones
generateSimplex Simplices and Clonal Fractions
generateTumorData Simulating Tumor Clones
getClone Class "Tumor"
plotTumorData Simulating Tumor Clones
runAlg Seeking Tumor Clones From Data
sampleSimplex Simplices and Clonal Fractions
seekClones Seeking Tumor Clones From Data
Simplices Simplices and Clonal Fractions
summary-method Class "Tumor"
Tumor Class "Tumor"
Tumor-class Class "Tumor"
tumorGen Simulating Tumor Clones
WeightVector Class "WeightVector"
WeightVector-class Class "WeightVector"