Comparison of Algorithms with Iterative Sample Size Estimation

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Documentation for package ‘CAISEr’ version 1.0.17

Help Pages

boot_sdm Bootstrap the sampling distribution of the mean
calc_instances Calculates number of instances for the comparison of multiple algorithms
calc_nreps Determine sample sizes for a set of algorithms on a single problem instance
calc_se Calculates the standard error for simple and percent differences
consolidate_partial_results Consolidate results from partial files
dummyalgo Dummy algorithm routine to test the sampling procedures
dummyinstance Dummy instance routine to test the sampling procedures
example_SANN Simulated annealing (for testing/examples)
get_observations Run an algorithm on a problem.
plot.CAISEr plot.CAISEr
plot.nreps plot.nreps
print.CAISEr print.CAISEr
run_experiment Run a full experiment for comparing multiple algorithms using multiple instances
se_boot Bootstrap standard errors
se_param Parametric standard errors
summary.CAISEr summary.CAISEr
summary.nreps summary.nreps
TSP.dist TSP instance generator (for testing/examples)