'DataSHIELD' Implementation for 'Opal'

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Documentation for package ‘DSOpal’ version 1.4.0

Help Pages

dsAggregate-method Aggregate data
dsAssignExpr-method Assign the result of an expression
dsAssignResource-method Assign a resource
dsAssignTable-method Assign a table
dsConnect-method Connect to a Opal server
dsDisconnect-method Disconnect from a Opal server
dsFetch-method Fetch the result
dsGetInfo-method Get result info
dsHasResource-method Verify Opal resource
dsHasTable-method Verify Opal table
dsIsAsync-method Opal asynchronous support
dsIsCompleted-method Get whether the operation is completed
dsKeepAlive-method Keep connection with a Opal server alive
dsListMethods-method List methods
dsListPackages-method List packages
dsListProfiles-method List profiles
dsListResources-method List Opal resources
dsListSymbols-method List R symbols
dsListTables-method List Opal tables
dsListWorkspaces-method List workspaces
dsRestoreWorkspace-method Restore workspace
dsRmSymbol-method Remove a R symbol
dsRmWorkspace-method Remove a workspace
dsSaveWorkspace-method Save workspace
logindata.opal.demo DataSHIELD login data file
Opal Create a Opal driver