Bayesian Estimation and Optimisation of Expected False Discovery Rate

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Documentation for package ‘bayefdr’ version 0.2.1

Help Pages

bayefdr-package The 'nibbles' package.
bayefdr The 'nibbles' package.
cumplot Plot the cumulative median, mean, and 95% high posterior density region.
efdr EFDR and EFNR estimation
efdr_search Bayesian EFDR optimisation.
efnr EFDR and EFNR estimation
head.bayefdr Print methods for bayefdr objects.
optimal Retrieve the index of the optimal probability threshold.
plot.bayefdr Plot the EFDR, EFNR grids of a bayefdr object.
print.bayefdr Print methods for bayefdr objects.
traceplot Trace, marginal density histogram, and autocorrelation plot of MCMC draws.