Tool for the U.S. SEC EDGAR Retrieval and Parsing of Corporate Filings

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Documentation for package ‘edgar’ version 2.0.5

Help Pages

get8KItems Retrieves Form 8-K event information
getBusinDescr Retrieves business descriptions from annual statements
getDailyMaster Retrieves daily master index
getFilingHeader Scrape EDGAR filing header information
getFilingInfo Retrieves filing information of a firm
getFilings Retrieves EDGAR filings from SEC server
getFilingsHTML Get HTML view of EDGAR filings
getMasterIndex Retrieves quarterly master index
getMgmtDisc Retrieves management's discussion and analysis section
getSentiment Provides sentiment measures of EDGAR filings
LMMasterDictionary Loughran and McDonald Sentiment Master Dictionary
searchFilings Search EDGAR filings for specific keywords