Fast Kernel Sums

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Documentation for package ‘FKSUM’ version 0.1.4

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FKSUM-package Fast Exact Kernel Smoothing
FKSUM Fast Exact Kernel Smoothing
fk_density Fast univariate kernel density estimation
fk_ICA Independent component analysis with sample entropy estimated via kernel density
fk_mdh Minimum density hyperplanes
fk_ppr Projection pursuit regression with local linear kernel smoother
fk_regression Fast univariate kernel regression
fk_sum Fast Exact Kernel Sum Evaluation
h_Gauss_to_K Bandwidth conversion from Gaussian
h_K_to_Gauss Bandwidth conversion to Gaussian
norm_const_K Normalising constant for kernels in FKSUM
norm_K The L2 norm of a kernel
plot.fk_density Plot method for class fk_density
plot.fk_ICA Plot method for class fk_ICA
plot.fk_mdh Plot method for class fk_mdh
plot.fk_ppr Plot method for class fk_ppr
plot.fk_regression Plot method for class fk_regression
plot_kernel Plot the shape of a kernel function implemented in FKSUM based on its vector of beta coefficients
predict.fk_ppr Predict method for class fk_ppr
predict.fk_regression Predict method for class fk_regression
print.fk_density Print method for class fk_density
print.fk_ICA Print method for class fk_ICA
print.fk_mdh Print method for class fk_mdh
print.fk_ppr Print method for class fk_ppr
print.fk_regression Print method for class fk_regression
roughness_K Kernel roughness
var_K Variance of a kernel