Categorical Data

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Documentation for package ‘catdata’ version 1.2.4

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catdata-package Categorical Data
addiction Are addicted weak-willed, deseased or both?
aids AIDS
birth Birth
catdata Categorical Data
children Number of Children
deathpenalty Death-Penalty
dust Chronic Bronchial Reaction to Dust
encephalitis Cases of Herpes Encephalitis in Bavaria and Saxony
foodstamp Food-Stamp Program
glass Glass Identification
heart Heart Disease
insolvency Insolvency of companies in Berlin
knee Knee Injuries
kneecumulative Knee Injuries
kneesequential Knee Injuries
leukoplakia Leukoplakia
medcare Number of Physician Office Visits
reader Who is a Regular Reader?
recovery Post-Surgery Recovery of Children
rent Rent in Munich
retinopathy Retinopathy
teratology Teratology
teratology2 Teratology2
unemployment long term/short term unemployment
vaso Vasoconstriciton and Breathing