Miscellaneous Functions for Panel Data, Quantiles, and Printing Results

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Documentation for package ‘BMisc’ version 1.4.6

Help Pages

addCovToFormla Add a Covariate to a Formula
blockBootSample Block Bootstrap
BMisc BMisc
checkfun Check Function
combineDfs Combine Two Distribution Functions
compareBinary Compare Variables across Groups
cs2panel Cross Section to Panel
dropCovFromFormla Drop a Covariate from a Formula
element_wise_mult element_wise_mult
getListElement Return Particular Element from Each Element in a List
getWeightedDf Weighted Distribution Function
getWeightedMean Weighted Mean
getWeightedQuantiles Get Weighted Quantiles
get_first_difference get_first_difference
get_group get_group
get_lagYi get_lagYi
get_Yi1 get_Yi1
get_Yibar get_Yibar
get_Yibar_pre get_Yibar_pre
get_YiGmin1 get_YiGmin1
get_Yit get_Yit
ids2rownum Convert Vector of ids into Vector of Row Numbers
invertEcdf Invert Ecdf
lhs.vars Left-hand Side Variables
makeBalancedPanel Balance a Panel Data Set
makeDist Make a Distribution Function
multiplier_bootstrap multiplier_bootstrap
panel2cs Panel Data to Repeated Cross Sections
panel2cs2 Panel Data to Repeated Cross Sections
rhs Right-hand Side of Formula
rhs.vars Right-hand Side Variables
source_all source_all
subsample Subsample of Observations from Panel Data
toformula Variable Names to Formula
TorF TorF
weighted.checkfun Weighted Check Function