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Documentation for package ‘audubon’ version 0.1.2

Help Pages

ngram_tokenizer Ngrams tokenizer
pack Pack prettified data.frame of tokens
polano Whole text of 'Porano no Hiroba' written by Miyazawa Kenji from Aozora Bunko
read_rewrite_def Read a rewrite.def file
strj_fill_iter_mark Fill Japanese iteration marks
strj_hiraganize Hiraganize Japanese characters
strj_katakanize Katakanize Japanese characters
strj_normalize Convert text following the rules of 'NEologd'
strj_rewrite_as_def Rewrite text using rewrite.def
strj_romanize Romanize Japanese Hiragana and Katakana
strj_segment Segment text into phrases
strj_tokenize Simply tokenize sentence
strj_transcribe_num Transcribe Arabic to Kansuji