Competitive Gene Sets Test with the Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon Test

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Documentation for package ‘massiveGST’ version 1.2.3

Help Pages

cut_by_logit2NES Trim the table of results.
cut_by_NES Trim the table of results.
cut_by_significance Trim the table of results.
geneSets.sim Compute the similarities between a collection of gene sets.
get_geneProfile Load a gene-profile from a txt file.
get_geneSets_from_local_files Load the gene-sets collection from local gmt files
get_geneSets_from_msigdbr Get the gene-sets from the msigdbr package.
massiveGST massive Gene-Sets Test with Mann-Whitney-Wilcoxon statistics.
massiveORT A wrapper to fisher.test to get over representation analysis of gene sets.
plot.mGST Graphical rendering of the enrichment analysis.
pre_ranked_list FGFR3-TACC3 fusion positive gene profile
save_as_tsv Save the results in tab-separeted value file
save_as_xls Save the results in xls file format
summary.mGST Generate summary tables
write_geneSets_to_gmt Save a collection of gene-sets in a .gmt file format.