Analysis of Multiplex Cytometric Bead Assays

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Documentation for package ‘beadplexr’ version 0.5.0

Help Pages

approx_adjust Approximate bandwidth adjustment.
as_data_frame_analyte Cast list of analytes to 'data.frame'
bp_clara Clustering with trimming
bp_dbscan Clustering with trimming
bp_density_cut Clustering with trimming
bp_kmeans Clustering with trimming
bp_mclust Clustering with trimming
calculate_concentration Calculate concentration.
calc_analyte_mfi Calculate the analyte intensity
calc_std_conc Calculate standard concentration
cluster_events Clustering with trimming
despeckle Despeckle parameters
dist_chebyshev Chebyshev distance
facs_density1d Plot FACS data.
facs_density2d Plot FACS data.
facs_hexbin Plot FACS data.
facs_plot Plot FACS data.
facs_scatter Plot FACS data.
fit_standard_curve Fit a standard curve
identify_analyte Identify analyte
identify_assay_analyte Identify multiplex assay analytes
identify_cba_analyte Identify multiplex assay analytes
identify_legendplex_analyte Identify multiplex assay analytes
identify_macsplex_analyte Identify multiplex assay analytes
load_panel Load panel information
lplex LEGENDplex example data
plot_concentrations Plot concentrations
plot_estimate Plot concentrations
plot_std_curve Plot concentrations
plot_target_est_conc Plot concentrations
read_fcs Read a fcs file.
simplex Simulated beadplex data
trim_population Trim cluster.
turning_point Turning points