Process the Apache Web Server Log Files

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Documentation for package ‘ApacheLogProcessor’ version 0.2.3

Help Pages

access_log_combined Apache log combined file example.
access_log_common Apache log common file example.
clear.urls Clear a list of URLs according parameters.
get.url.params Extract from the data frame with the access log the urls query strings parameters and values.
parse.php.msgs Parses PHP mesages and store its parts in a data frame that contains level, message, file, line number and referer.
read.apache.access.log read.apache.log
read.apache.error.log Read the apache erro log file and loads it to a data frame.
read.multiple.apache.access.log Reads multiple files of apache web server.
read.multiple.apache.error.log Reads multiple apache error log files and loads them to a data frame.