Simulating Differential Equations with Data

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Documentation for package ‘demodelr’ version 1.0.1

Help Pages

compute_likelihood Likelihood plot of a two parameter model
eigenvalues Matrix eigenvalues and eigenvectors
euler Euler's method solution for a differential equation.
euler_stochastic Euler-Maruyama method solution for a stochastic differential equation.
global_temperature Measured average global temperature anomaly by year
mcmc_analyze Markov Chain parameter estimates
mcmc_estimate Markov Chain parameter estimates
parks Visitor and resource usage to a national park
phaseplane Phase plane of differential equation.
phosphorous Measured phosphorous of Daphnia and algae
precipitation Measured precipitation from a rainfall event
rk4 Runge Kutta method solution for a differential equation.
snowfall Measured snowfall from a blizzard in April 2018
wilson Measured Weight of a dog over time
yeast Measured Sacchromyces data (yeast) from Gause 1932 "Experimental studies on the struggle for coexistence"