An R Front End for 'ACER ConQuest'

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Documentation for package ‘conquestr’ version 0.8.5

Help Pages

ConQuestCall ConQuestCall
ConQuestRout ConQuestRout
ConQuestSys ConQuestSys
createConQuestProject createConQuestProject
createDfFromSys createDfFromSys
getCqFit getCqFit
getCqHist getCqHist
getCqParams getCqParams
getCqParams2 getCqParams2
getCqTerms getCqTerms
getCqVars getCqVars
plotDif plotDif
plotItemMap plotItemMap
plotRout plotRout
plotRout.default plotRout
plotRout.ICC plotRout
plotRout.InformationWithLatentDist plotRout
ReadSys ReadSys
replaceInDataFrame iterate through a data frame and use replaceInVector
replaceInVector replace a very large neagtive number with something - usually NA_REAL
searchConQuestSys searchConQuestSys
sysToBMatrixDf sysToBMatrixDf
sysToItemDifDf sysToItemDifDf
timesTwo Multiply a number by two
transformPvs transformPvs