'Foreach' Parallel Adapter Using the 'Redis' Database

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Documentation for package ‘doRedis’ version 3.0.2

Help Pages

doRedis-package A Redis parallel back end for foreach.
.doRedis internal function called by foreach
jobs List doRedis jobs
logger Print a timestamped message to the standard error stream.
redisConnect Explicitly connect to a Redis server.
redisDelete A convenience function to delete a Redis key
redisGet A convenience function to return an R value from a Redis key.
redisSet A convenience function to set an R value in a Redis key
redisWorker Initialize a doRedis worker process.
registerDoRedis Register the Redis back end for foreach.
removeJob Remove Redis keys associated with one or more doRedis jobs
removeQueue Remove a doRedis queue and delete all associated keys from Redis.
setChunkSize Set the default granularity of distributed tasks.
setExport Manually add symbol names to the worker environment export list.
setFtinterval Set the fault tolerance check interval in seconds.
setPackages Manually set package names in the worker environment package list.
setProgress Progress bar
startLocalWorkers Start one or more background R worker processes on the local system.
tasks List running doRedis tasks