Composite Indicator Construction and Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘COINr’ version 0.6.1

Help Pages

aggregate Aggregate indicators
ASEMAggMeta ASEM aggregate metadata
ASEMIndData ASEM raw indicator data
ASEMIndMeta ASEM indicator metadata
assemble Build COIN object
BoxCox Box Cox transformation
build_ASEM Builds ASEM example
checkData Detailed unit data check and screener by data availability
coin2Excel Write a COIN to Excel
COINToolIn Import data directly from COIN Tool
coin_win Winsorisation helper function
colourTable Conditionally formatted table
compareDF Compare two data frames
compTable Rank comparison table between two COINs
compTableMulti Rank tables between multiple COINs
copeland Copeland scores
corrweightscat Scatter plot of correlations against weights
denominate Denominate indicator data sets
effectiveWeight Effective weights
extractYear Impute panel data
geoMean Weighted geometric mean
geoMean_rescaled Rescaled weighted geometric mean
getCorr Get different types of correlation matrices
getCronbach Cronbach's alpha
getIn Get subsets of indicator data
getPCA Perform PCA on a COIN
getResults Results summary tables
getStats Get table of indicator statistics for any data set
getStrengthNWeak Generate strengths and weaknesses for a specified unit
getUnitReport Generate unit report
getUnitSummary Generate unit summary table
harMean Weighted harmonic mean
hicorrSP Highly correlated indicators in the same aggregation group
impute Impute missing data
indChange Add and remove indicators
indDash Indicator visualisation dashboard
iplotBar Bar chart
iplotCorr Correlation heatmap
iplotIndDist Interactive indicator distribution plots
iplotIndDist2 Interactive indicator distribution plots for two indicators simultaneously
iplotMap Choropleth map
iplotRadar Radar chart
iplotTable Results table
is.COIN Check if an object is a COIN
loggish Log-type transformation of a vector
names2Codes Generate short codes from long names
noisyWeights Noisy replications of weights
normalise Normalise indicator data sets
outrankMatrix Outranking matrix
plotCorr Static heatmaps of correlation matrices
plotframework Interactive sunburst plot of index structure
plotIndDist Static indicator distribution plots
plotIndDot Dot plots of single indicator with highlighting
plotSA Plot sensitivity indices
plotSARanks Plot ranks from an uncertainty/sensitivity analysis
print.COIN Print COIN
rankDF Convert a data frame to ranks
regen Regenerate COIN object
removeElements Check the effect of removing indicators or aggregates
replaceDF Replace multiple values in a data frame
resultsDash Results visualisation dashboard
rew8r Re-weight indicators
roundDF Round down a data frame
SA_estimate Estimate sensitivity indices
SA_sample Generate sample for sensitivity analysis
sensitivity Sensitivity analysis
treat Treatment of outliers
weightOpt Weight optimisation
weights2corr Recalculate correlations and ranks based on new weights
WorldDenoms World denomination data