Deep Learning Prediction of Effectors

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Documentation for package ‘deepredeff’ version 0.1.1

Help Pages

aasset_to_df Convert AAStringset class to dataframe
aas_to_df Convert AAString class to dataframe
deepredeff 'deepredeff' package
encode_integer Integer encoder
encode_one_hot One-hot encoder
ensemble_weighted Weighted ensemble
fasta_to_df Convert fasta format to dataframe
get_ensemble_method Get ensemble methods
install_tensorflow Install the TensorFlow backend
load_model Load model
package_glob Wildcard Expansion on File Paths
plot.tbl_deepredeff Plot the results of prediction
prediction_mapper Prediction mapper helper
predict_effector Predict effector
predict_effector.AAString Predict effector
predict_effector.AAStringSet Predict effector
predict_effector.character Predict effector Predict effector
predict_effector.default Predict effector
summary.tbl_deepredeff Get the summary of the prediction results