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Documentation for package ‘Biostatistics’ version 1.0.4

Help Pages

carnivores Brain and body mass for carnivore species
cricket_song Cricket song dataset
finch_colours Finch colouration and mitochondrial function
gabon_diversity Data on relative animal abundances in Gabon
gnatocerus Weapon size and insulin-like signalling in the broad-horned flour beetle
height_immunity Data on the relationship between immune system functioning and body height in healthy people.
latitude_diversity Tree diversity data
longevity Data on maximum lifespan for 909 species of mammal and bird
malawi_carbon Carbon exposure and lung immunity
mammal_longevity Data on maximum lifespan for 375 species of mammal
mhc MHC promiscuity and pathogen diversity data
mouse_activity Locomotor activity in offspring of mice exposed to nicotine
parrots2 Parrot lifespan data
pinniped Pinniped brain sizes and mating system
quolls Data on physical performance in Northern Quolls
ragwort Data on how plant-soil feedback affects growth of ragwort
weaver Oxidative stress and group size in social weaver birds
worldbank Data comparing 186 countries originally published by the World Bank
zebra_bacteria Data on bacterial adaptation to host gut environments.