Animal Activity Statistics

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Documentation for package ‘activity’ version 1.3.4

Help Pages

activity-package Animal activity statistics
activity Animal activity statistics
actmod-class Activity model class.
BCIspeed Animal speed data
BCItime Animal record time of day data
bwcalc Calculate circular kernel bandwidth.
cmean Circular mean
compareAct Compare activity level estimates
compareCkern Compare circular distributions.
compareTimes Compare activity between times of day
density2 Modified kernel density function
dvmkern Circular kernel probability density function.
dvonm von Mises density function
fitact Fit activity model to time-of-day data
fitlincirc Linear-circular regression
gettime Convert time of day data to numeric
get_suntimes Calculates solar event times
lincircKern Linear-circular kernel fit
lincircmod-class An S4 class describing linear-circular relationships.
ovl4 Index of overlap between circular distributions.
plot.actmod Plot activity distribution
plot.lincircmod Plot linear-circular relationship
redf Random numbers from empirical distribution function.
solartime Transforms clock time to solar time anchored to sun rise and sunset times for a given location.
transtime Transforms clock time to solar times.
trigmolen title trigonometric moment length
wrap Wraps data on a given range.