Describe Image Patterns in Natural Structures

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Documentation for package ‘bwimage’ version 1.3

Help Pages

bwimage-package Describe Image Patterns in Natural Structures
aggregation_index Aggregation index calculator
altitudinal_profile Highest black pixel by sections
bwimage Describe Image Patterns in Natural Structures
compress Compress square to circle
denseness_column Denseness in column sections
denseness_row Denseness in row sections
denseness_sample Denseness in samples
denseness_total Denseness for whole image
heigh_maximum Height of the highest black pixel in the image
heigh_propotion Cumulative denseness for each line
heigh_propotion_test Cumulative denseness test
hole_columm Holes description in columns sections
hole_row Holes description in row sections
hole_section Hole finder
hole_section_data Summary of holes information
image_information Summary of image information
light_gap Light gap
plot_samples Plot samples from denseness_sample
stretch stretch circle to square
threshold_color Image to matrix - Single
threshold_image_list Image to matrix - List
topline Top line