Download Mexico City Pollution, Wind, and Temperature Data

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Documentation for package ‘aire.zmvm’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

convert_to_imeca Convert pollution values to IMECA
convert_to_index Convert a pollutant concentration to its air quality category
download_24hr_average Download archives of the 24 hour averages of pollutants
download_deposition Download Acid Rain Measurements Archives
download_lead Download Lead Pollution Archives
download_meteorological Download Meteorological Data Archives
download_pollution Download Pollution Archives
download_pressure Download Atmospheric Pressure Archives
download_radiation Download Ultraviolet Radiation Archives
get_latest_imeca Get the latest pollution values for each station
get_station_data Download pollution data by station
get_station_imeca Download pollution data by station in IMECAs
get_station_month_data Download monthly pollution data
get_zone_imeca Download pollution data by zone in IMECAs
idw360 Inverse Distance Weighting with Directional Data
stations Pollution measuring stations in Mexico City
zones Pollution zones in Mexico City