Crossed Classification Credibility Model

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Documentation for package ‘cccm’ version 0.1.0

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cccm-package Crossed Classification Credibility Model.
calculate_generalMean General Mean
calculate_group_averages_matrix Group Averages Matrix
calculate_obs_and_group_weights Repeats of observations
calculate_varianceComponents Variance Components
calculate_variance_and_std Variance and Standard Deviation
calculate_weights_of_obs_matrix Weights of observation matrix
cccm Crossed Classification Credibility Model.
col_diff_matrix_with_vector Column Wise Matrix Diff
control_data Data checker
debt Debt Data
div_matrix_cols_with_vector Column Wise Matrix Division
div_matrix_rows_with_vector Row Wise Matrix Division
estimate_credibility The Credibility Premium Estimates
mult_matrix_cols_with_vector Column Wise Matrix Multiplication
row_diff_matrix_with_vector Row Wise Matrix Diff
save_names Get names
set_data Data prep