dbGaP Checkup

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Documentation for package ‘dbGaPCheckup’ version 1.1.0

Help Pages

add_missing_fields Add Missing Fields
check_report Check Report
complete_check Complete Check
create_awareness_report Create Awareness Report
create_report Create Report
dat_function Data Utility Function
dat_function_selected Data Selected Utility Function
DD.dict.A DD.dict.A
DD.dict.B DD.dict.B
DD.dict.C DD.dict.C
DD.dict.D DD.dict.D
DD.dict.E DD.dict.E
DD.dict.F DD.dict.F
DD.dict.G DD.dict.G
DD.dict.H DD.dict.H
DD.dict.I DD.dict.I
DD.dict.J DD.dict.J
DD.dict.K DD.dict.K
DD.dict.L DD.dict.L
DD.dict.M DD.dict.M
DD.dict.N DD.dict.N
DD.dict.Q DD.dict.Q
DD.dict.R DD.dict.R
DD.dict.S DD.dict.S
decimal_check Decimal Check
description_check Description Check
dictionary_search Data Dictionary Search
dimension_check Dimension Check
DS.data.A DS.data.A
DS.data.B DS.data.B
DS.data.C DS.data.C
DS.data.D DS.data.D
DS.data.E DS.data.E
DS.data.F DS.data.F
DS.data.G DS.data.G
DS.data.H DS.data.H
DS.data.I DS.data.I
DS.data.J DS.data.J
DS.data.K DS.data.K
DS.data.L DS.data.L
DS.data.M DS.data.M
DS.data.N DS.data.N
DS.data.O DS.data.O
DS.data.P DS.data.P
DS.data.Q DS.data.Q
DS.data.R DS.data.R
DS.data.S DS.data.S
dup_values Duplicate Values Function
eval_function Evaluation Utility Function
ExampleA ExampleA
ExampleB ExampleB
ExampleC ExampleC
ExampleD ExampleD
ExampleE ExampleE
ExampleF ExampleF
ExampleG ExampleG
ExampleH ExampleH
ExampleI ExampleI
ExampleJ ExampleJ
ExampleK ExampleK
ExampleL ExampleL
ExampleM ExampleM
ExampleN ExampleN
ExampleO ExampleO
ExampleP ExampleP
ExampleQ ExampleQ
ExampleR ExampleR
ExampleS ExampleS
field_check Field Check
id_check ID Check
id_first_data Relocate SUBJECT_ID to First Column of Data Set
id_first_dict Relocate SUBJECT_ID to First Column of Data Dictionary
integer_check Integer Check
int_check Integer Check Base Function
label_data Label the data
minmax_check Mimimum and Maximum Values Check
misc_format_check Miscellaneous Format Check
missingness_summary Missingness Summary
missing_value_check Missing Value Check
mm_precheck Min Max Required Pre-checks
mv_precheck Missing Values Required Pre-checks
name_check Name Check
name_correct Name Correction Utility Function
name_precheck Name Pre-checks
NA_check Missing Value (NA) Check
NA_precheck Min Max Required Pre-checks
pkg_field_check Package Required Field Check
reorder_data Reorder Data Set Utility Function
reorder_dictionary Reorder Data Dictionary Utility Function
row_check Row Check
short_field_check Truncated Field Check
short_precheck Truncated Pre-check
super_short_precheck Very Truncated Pre-check
type_check Type Check
values_check Values Check
values_precheck Values Pre-Check
value_meaning_table Value-Meaning Table
value_missing_table Values Missing Table Awareness Function