Multiple Testing Procedures with Adaptation for Discrete Tests

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Documentation for package ‘DiscreteFDR’ version 1.3.6

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DiscreteFDR-package DiscreteFDR
ADBH [HSU], [HSD], [AHSU] and [AHSD] procedures
amnesia Amnesia and other drug reactions in the MHRA pharmacovigilance spontaneous reporting system
DBH [HSU], [HSD], [AHSU] and [AHSD] procedures
DBR [HBR-lambda] procedure
discrete.BH [HSU], [HSD], [AHSU] and [AHSD] procedures
DiscreteFDR DiscreteFDR
fast.Discrete Fast application of discrete procedures Computing discrete p-values and their support for binomial and Fisher's exact tests
hist.DiscreteFDR Histogram of Raw p-Values
kernel Kernel functions
kernel_ADBH_crit Kernel functions
kernel_ADBH_fast Kernel functions
kernel_DBH_crit Kernel functions
kernel_DBH_fast Kernel functions
kernel_DBR_crit Kernel functions
kernel_DBR_fast Kernel functions
match.pvals Matching raw p-values with supports
plot.DiscreteFDR Plot Method for 'DiscreteFDR' objects
print.DiscreteFDR Printing DiscreteFDR results
print.summary.DiscreteFDR Summarizing Discrete FDR Results
summary.DiscreteFDR Summarizing Discrete FDR Results