Retrieve Historical Data of Companies Listed on the 'BRVM' Stock Exchange

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Documentation for package ‘BRVM’ version 5.3.0

Help Pages

BRVM.index BRVM Available Indexes
BRVM_bySector BRVM By Sector
BRVM_cap BRVM Capitalization
BRVM_company_cap BRVM companies capitalization value - To get the capitalization value data of all companies listed on BRVM stock exchange
BRVM_company_info BRVM Get info about a ticker beta, RSI, Closing, Valorisation, etc.
BRVM_company_rank BRVM Companies Rank - Get all tickers rank according to last quotation
BRVM_company_url BRVM company url
BRVM_direction BRVM Rank
BRVM_get BRVM Get - Get Ticker Data
BRVM_get1 BRVM Get - Get BRVM stock exchange Ticker Data
BRVM_index BRVM Get - Get BRVM indexes Data
BRVM_index_stock BRVM index stock - Given a set of indexes, return their stock data
BRVM_rank BRVM_rank - Get top or flop data of BRVM stock exchange
BRVM_stock_market BRVM Official Quotation reviews
BRVM_tickers BRVM Tickers - Information about listed companies on BRVM Stock exchange
BRVM_ticker_desc BRVM ticker description - BRVM ticker information
BRVM_traded_val BRVM traded value - To get the traded volume value data of all companies listed on BRVM stock exchange
company_cap Company capitalization - To know the capitalization of a given company
company_country Company's country - To know the country of a given company
company_nbrank BRVM get company rank - Get a ticker rank according to brvm quote
company_sector Company's sector - To know the sector of a given company
company_traded_val Brvm Company traded volume value - To know the traded volume value of each company
normality_test Normality test with univariate data
stationarity_test Stationarity test with univariate data