Chat-Based Interactive Artificial Intelligence for R

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Documentation for package ‘chatAI4R’ version 0.2.10

Help Pages

addCommentCode Add Comments to R Code
addRoxygenDescription Add Roxygen Description to R Function
autocreateFunction4R autocreateFunction4R (development / experimental)
chat4R Chat4R: Interact with GPT-3.5 (default) using OpenAI API
chat4R_history chat4R_history: Use chat history for interacting with GPT.
chatAI4pdf chatAI4pdf
checkErrorDet Check Error Details
checkErrorDet_JP Check Error Details in Japanese
completions4R completions4R: Generate text using OpenAI completions API (Legacy)
conversation4R Conversation Interface for R
convertBullet2Sentence convertBullet2Sentence
convertRscript2Function convertRscript2Function
convertScientificLiterature convertScientificLiterature
createImagePrompt_v1 Create Image Prompt version 1
createImagePrompt_v2 Generate Image Prompts version 2
createRcode Create R Code from Clipboard Content and Output into the R Console
createRfunction Create R Function from Selected Text or Clipboard Content and Output into the R Console
createSpecifications4R Create Specifications for R Function
designPackage designPackage
discussion_flow_v1 discussion_flow_v1: Interactions and Flow Control Between LLM-based Bots (LLBs)
enrichTextContent Enrich Text Content
extractKeywords extractKeywords
ngsub ngsub
OptimizeRcode Optimize and Complete R Code
proofreadEnglishText Proofread English Text
proofreadText proofreadText
RcodeImprovements Suggest Improvements to the R Code on Your Clipboard
removeQuotations Remove All Types of Quotations from Text
revisedText Revised Scientific Text
searchFunction Search R Functions based on Text
slow_print_v2 Slowly Print Text
speakInJA Speak Selected Text in Japanese
speakInJA_v2 Speak Clipboard in Japanese
summaryWebScrapingText Text Summary via Web Scraping
supportIdeaGeneration supportIdeaGeneration: Support Idea Generation from Selected Text or Clipboard.
textEmbedding Text Embedding from OpenAI Embeddings API
TextSummary Summarize Long Text
TextSummaryAsBullet Summarize Text into Bullet Points