Artificial Neural Networks for Anomaly Detection

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Documentation for package ‘ANN2’ version 2.3.4

Help Pages

ANN Rcpp module exposing C++ class ANN
autoencoder Train an Autoencoding Neural Network
compression_plot Compression plot
compression_plot.ANN Compression plot
decode Decoding step
decode.ANN Decoding step
encode Encoding step
encode.ANN Encoding step
neuralnetwork Train a Neural Network
plot.ANN Plot training and validation loss
predict.ANN Make predictions for new data
print.ANN Print ANN
Rcpp_ANN-class Rcpp module exposing C++ class ANN
read_ANN Read ANN object from file
reconstruct Reconstruct data using trained ANN object of type autoencoder
reconstruction_plot Reconstruction plot
reconstruction_plot.ANN Reconstruction plot
train Continue training of a Neural Network
write_ANN Write ANN object to file