Analysis of Age-Structured Demographic Models

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Documentation for package ‘demogR’ version 0.6.0

Help Pages

demogR-package Demographic analysis in R Caclulate net reproduction number from a demographic projection matrix
cdmlte Coale-Demeny Model Life Tables
cdmltn Coale-Demeny Model Life Tables
cdmlts Coale-Demeny Model Life Tables
cdmltw Coale-Demeny Model Life Tables
coale coale
cohort cohort
demogR Demographic analysis in R
eigen.analysis eigen.analysis
elassens elassens
fullsecder fullsecder
gen.time gen.time
goodman Demographic data from Venezuela, Madagascar and the United States in the late 1960s
keyfitz keyfitz
lams lams
leslie.matrix Leslie Matrix
leslie.row1 leslie.row1
life.table life.table
loop.elas loop.elas
m2v m2v
odiag odiag
plot.leslie.matrix plot.leslie.matrix
project.leslie project.leslie
secder secder
stoch.sens stoch.sens
thar thar