Useful Functions for Box, Hunter and Hunter II

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Documentation for package ‘BHH2’ version 2016.05.31

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anovaPlot Graphical Anova Corrosion data
dotPlot Dot plot: scatter plot with stacked dots similar to the stem-and-leaf plot
dots Dots display
ffDesMatrix Full or fractional factorial design matrix generation
ffFullMatrix Full model matrix from a design matrix Machine heads data
lambdaPlot Lambda plot: traces the t and F statistics in Box-Cox transformation of the response Penicillin data
permtest Permutation test: randomization test for small size samples Poison example data set Boys' shoes data set
subsets Generation of all the combinations of k elements from n possible
tab03B1 Table 3.2
tab03B2 Table 3.3 Tomato plants data set Textile experiment data set