Geometric Morphometric Methods and Virtual Anthropology Tools

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Documentation for package ‘Arothron’ version 2.0.5

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Arothron-package eometric Morphometric Methods and Virtual Anthropology Tools
Altapic example dataset
aro.clo.points aro.clo.points
Arothron eometric Morphometric Methods and Virtual Anthropology Tools
arraytolist arraytolist
bary.mesh bary.mesh
compare_check.set compare_check.set
CScorreffect CScorreffect Plot showing the correlation in the shape space between original and combined dataset omitting or including the normalization factors calculated with Arothron and MLECScorrection
dec.curve dec.curve
DM_base_sur example dataset
DM_face_sur example dataset
DM_set example dataset
dta dta
endomaker endomaker
endomaker_dir endomaker_dir
endo_set example dataset
export_amira export_amira
export_amira.path export_amira.path
ext.mesh.rai ext.mesh.rai
femsets example dataset
grid_pov grid_pov
human_skull example dataset
image2palettes image2palettes
krd1_tooth example dataset
landmark_frm2amira landmark_frm2amira
listtoarray listtoarray convert a list into an array
localmeshdiff localmeshdiff Calculate and Visualize local differences between two meshes
Lset2D_list example dataset
Lset3D_array example dataset
malleus_bone example dataset
MAs_sets example dataset
MLECScorrection MLECScorrection Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the normalization factor to be applied to optimize the correlation between two landmark configurations to be combined by using twodviews and
noise.mesh noise.mesh
out.inn.mesh out.inn.mesh
patches_frm2amira patches_frm2amira
PCscoresCorr PCscoresCorr Perform a correlation test between two matrices of PCscores
permutangle permutangle
pov_selecter pov_selecter
primendoR example dataset
read.amira.dir read.amira.dir
read.amira.set read.amira.set
read.path.amira read.path.amira
repmat repmat
RMs_sets example dataset
SCP1.mesh example dataset
sinus_set example dataset
SM_set example dataset
spherical.flipping spherical.flipping
trasf.mesh trasf.mesh
twodvarshape twodvarshape Calculates the shape variation associated to a value of PC scores associated to a specific combined landmark configuration or view
twodviews twodviews Combine and calculate the PCscores matrix from a list of different landmark configurations to be combined
volendo volendo
yoda_set example dataset
yoda_sur example dataset