Improving the Accessibility of 'rmarkdown' Documents

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Documentation for package ‘accessrmd’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

access_head Convert YAML to an accessible header
access_img Produce an accessible image or chart.
access_rmd Produce an accessible Rmarkdown file template.
assemble_header Assemble HTML header output from text provided.
check_compat Checks if the html doctype is compatible.
check_urls Check an Rmarkdown for broken links.
detect_html_lang Searches a file for valid methods of setting HTML lang attribute.
find_all_tags Find any markdown or HTML syntax tags within read lines.
find_alt_lim Find alt length limit for specific lang values.
find_theme Searches YAML head for YAML theme parameters, returning the theme if found.
handle_rmd_path Check rmd path & file type.
insert_yaml Insert the required code for the specified toc type.
retrieve_rmds Find Rmd files within a provided file structure.
return_heading Return a HTML p tag formatted to resemble a heading tag.
sus_alt Check an R markdown document for suspicious alt text.