Air Quality Evaluation

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Documentation for package ‘AQEval’ version 0.5.7

Help Pages AQEval Example data
AQEval Air Quality Evaluation AQEval Example data
calcDateRangeStat Some functions to calculate statistics
calcRollingDateRangeStat Some functions to calculate statistics
calculate.stats Some functions to calculate statistics
find.breaks find and test break-points
find.near find nearby sites
findBreakPoints find and test break-points
findNearLatLon find nearby sites
findNearSites find nearby sites
fitNearSiteModel Other Air Quality Models
isolate.signal isolateContribution
isolateContribution isolateContribution Other Air Quality Models
quantBreakPoints quantify break-point/segments
quantBreakSegments quantify break-point/segments
quantify.breaks quantify break-point/segments
spectral.analysis Spectral Analysis
spectralFrequency Spectral Analysis
testBreakPoints find and test break-points
textBreakSegments find and test break-points