Comparative and Population Genetic Analyses

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Documentation for package ‘evobiR’ version 1.1

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evobiR-package evobiR: Evolutionary Biology in R
1.fasta simulated SNP data
2.fasta simulated SNP data
3.fasta simulated SNP data
AICc Computes an AICc score
AncCond Calculate the mean of a continuous character at the origin of derived state of a binary charachter
CalcD Calculate Patterson's D-statistic
CalcPopD Calculate Patterson's D-statistic
Even Tests whether a number is even
evobiR evobiR: Evolutionary Biology in R
FuzzyMatch Find Close Matches in a tree and dataset
horn.beetle.csv Gnatocerus measurements
hym.tree Phylogenetic tree
mcmc2 mcmc log file
mcmc3 mcmc log file
mite.trait phenotype data for mites
Mode Calcualtes the mode of a numeric vector
PPSDiscrete Create Simulated Datasets via PPS
ReorderData Reorders trait data to match the order of tips in a tree
ResSel Selection on Residuals
SampleTrees Select a random sample of trees
SlidingWindow Sliding window analysis
SuperMatrix creates a supermatrix from multiple gene alignments
trees 10 Phylogenetic trees
trees.mite 10 Phylogenetic trees
trees.nex 100 Phylogenetic trees
ViewEvo Learning Resources
WinCalcD Calculate Patterson's D-statistic in sliding windows