Interface to 'AmeriFlux' Data Services

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Documentation for package ‘amerifluxr’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

amf_base BASE data example
amf_bif BADM data example
amf_check_site_id Check valid AmeriFlux site ID
amf_data_coverage Returns a list of data coverage
amf_download_base Download AmeriFlux BASE data product
amf_download_bif Download AmeriFlux BADM data product
amf_extract_badm Extract BADM data of a specific BADM group
amf_filter_base Filter AmeriFlux BASE data based on plausible range
amf_list_data Get BASE data variable availability
amf_list_metadata Get metadata availability
amf_parse_basename Parse BASE data variable name and qualifier
amf_plot_datasummary Plot data summary
amf_plot_datayear Plot data availability
amf_read_base Read AmeriFlux BASE data product
amf_read_bif Read AmeriFlux BADM data product
amf_sites Lists AmeriFlux sites
amf_site_info Get AmeriFlux site general info
amf_summarize_data Get BASE data summary
amf_variables Get FP (Flux-Processing) Standard Variable List
amf_var_info Get variable information