Thematic Cartography

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Documentation for package ‘cartography’ version 3.0.1

Help Pages

barscale Scale Bar
carto.pal Build Cartographic Palettes Build Cartographic Palettes
choroLayer Choropleth Layer
discLayer Discontinuities Layer
display.carto.all Build Cartographic Palettes
display.carto.pal Build Cartographic Palettes
dotDensityLayer Dot Density Layer
getBorders Extract Polygons Borders
getBreaks Classification
getFigDim Get Figure Dimensions
getGridLayer Build a Regular Grid Layer
getLinkLayer Create a Links Layer from a Data Frame of Links.
getOuterBorders Extract Polygons Borders
getPencilLayer Pencil Layer
getPngLayer '.png' Layer
getTiles Get Tiles from Open Map Servers
ghostLayer Plot a Ghost Layer
gradLinkLayer Graduated Links Layer
gradLinkTypoLayer Graduated and Colored Links Layer
hatchedLayer Hatched Layer
labelLayer Label Layer
layoutLayer Layout Layer
legendBarsSymbols Legend for Proportional Bars Maps
legendChoro Legend for Choropleth Maps
legendCirclesSymbols Legend for Proportional Circles Maps
legendGradLines Legend for Graduated Size Lines Maps
legendHatched Legend for Hatched Maps
legendPropLines Legend for Proportional Lines Maps
legendPropTriangles Legend for Double Proportional Triangles Maps
legendSquaresSymbols Legend for Proportional Squares Maps
legendTypo Legend for Typology Maps
legendWaffle Legend for Typology Maps
north North Arrow
pngLayer Plot a Raster Object
propLinkLayer Proportional Links Layer
propSymbolsChoroLayer Proportional and Choropleth Symbols Layer
propSymbolsLayer Proportional Symbols Layer
propSymbolsTypoLayer Proportional Symbols Typo Layer
propTrianglesLayer Double Proportional Triangle Layer
smoothLayer Smooth Layer
tilesLayer Plot a Raster Object
typoLayer Typology Layer
waffleLayer Waffle Layer
wordcloudLayer Wordcloud Layer