Modeling Animal Movement with Continuous-Time Discrete-Space Markov Chains

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Documentation for package ‘ctmcmove’ version 1.2.9

Help Pages

ctmcmove-package ctmcmove
ctmc.sim Code to simulate a continuous-time Markov chain.
ctmc2glm Convert a "ctmc" object into Poisson glm format.
ctmcmove ctmcmove
get.rate.matrix Create a CTMC rate matrix from rasters and parameter estimates.
get.UD Find the stationary distribution of the CTMC.
mcmc.fmove Fit continuous-time functional movement model to telemetry data.
path2ctmc Function to turn a discrete-time continuous-space path into a CTMC path.
Pctmc Transition Matrix of a CTMC.
rast.grad Creates gradient rasters from a raster object.
seal Data for one foraging trip by a male northern fur seal (NFS).