Inference of Gene Regulatory Networks

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Documentation for package ‘corto’ version 1.1.11

Help Pages

barplot2 barplot2 - Bar plot with error bars
corto Calculate a regulon from a data matrix
fcor A fast correlation function
fisherp Fisher integration of p-values
gsea GSEA
gsea2 2-way GSEA GSEA Gene set enrichment analysis of two complementary gene sets using gsea
kmgformat kmgformat - Nice Formatting of Numbers
mra Perform Master Regulator Analysis (mra).
mraplot Plot a master regulator analysis
p2r p2r Convert a P-value to the corresponding Correlation Coefficient
p2z p2z
plot_gsea Plot GSEA results
plot_gsea2 Plot 2-way GSEA results
r2p r2p Convert Correlation Coefficient to P-value
scatter scatter - XY scatter plot with extra information
slice Slice
ssgsea ssGSEA
stouffer Stouffer integration of Z scores
val2col val2col - Convert a numeric vector into colors
wstouffer Weighted Stouffer integration of Z scores
z2p z2p