Generative Art with 'ggplot2'

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Documentation for package ‘aRtsy’ version 0.2.4

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aRtsy-package aRtsy - Generative Art using 'ggplot2'
aRtsy aRtsy - Generative Art using 'ggplot2'
canvas_ant Draw Langton's Ant
canvas_blacklight Draw Blacklights
canvas_chladni Draw Chladni Figures
canvas_circlemap Draw a Circle Map
canvas_cobweb Draw Cobwebs
canvas_collatz Draw Collatz Sequences
canvas_diamonds Draw Diamonds
canvas_flame Draw a Fractal Flame
canvas_flow Draw A Flow Field
canvas_forest Draw a Random Forest
canvas_function Draw Functions
canvas_gemstone Draw Gemstones
canvas_lissajous Draw a Lissajous Curve
canvas_mandelbrot Draw the Mandelbrot Set
canvas_maze Draw Mazes
canvas_mesh Draw Meshes
canvas_mosaic Draw Moisaics
canvas_nebula Draw Nebulas
canvas_petri Draw Petri Dish Colonies
canvas_phyllotaxis Draw a Phyllotaxis
canvas_planet Draw Planets
canvas_polylines Draw Polygons and Lines
canvas_recaman Draw Recaman's Sequence
canvas_ribbons Draw Ribbons
canvas_segments Draw Segments
canvas_smoke Draw Rainbow Smoke
canvas_splits Draw Split Lines
canvas_squares Draw Squares and Rectangles
canvas_stripes Draw Stripes
canvas_strokes Draw Strokes
canvas_swirls Draw Swirls
canvas_tiles Draw Portuguese Tiles
canvas_turmite Draw Turmites
canvas_watercolors Draw Watercolors
colorPalette Color Palette Generator
saveCanvas Save a Canvas to an External Device
theme_canvas Canvas Theme for ggplot2 Objects