Methods for Statistical Disclosure Control in Tabular Data

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Documentation for package ‘sdcTable’ version 0.32.6

Help Pages

argusVersion argusVersion
attack Attacking primary suppressed cells
calc.sdcProblem perform calculations on 'sdcProblem'-objects depending on argument 'type'
calc.sdcProblem-method perform calculations on 'sdcProblem'-objects depending on argument 'type'
cell_info Get information about specific cells
change_cellstatus Change anonymization status of a specific cell
contributing_indices Compute contributing units to table cells
createArgusInput Create input files for tauArgus
createJJFormat Create input for jj_format
createRegSDCInput Create input for RegSDC/other Tools
cutList-class S4 class describing a cutList-object
dataObj-class S4 class describing a dataObj-object
dimInfo-class S4 class describing a dimInfo-object
dimVar-class S4 class describing a dimVar-object
get.dimInfo query 'dimInfo'-objects depending on argument 'type'
get.dimInfo-method query 'dimInfo'-objects depending on argument 'type'
get.problemInstance query 'problemInstance'-objects depending on argument 'type'
get.problemInstance-method query 'problemInstance'-objects depending on argument 'type'
get.sdcProblem query 'sdcProblem'-objects depending on argument 'type'
get.sdcProblem-method query 'sdcProblem'-objects depending on argument 'type'
getInfo Retrieve information in 'sdcProblem' or 'problemInstance' objects
linProb-class S4 class describing a linProb-object
makeProblem Create a problem instance
microdata1 Synthetic Microdata (1)
microdata2 Synthetic Microdata (2)
primarySuppression Apply primary suppression
print-method print 'dimVar-class' objects
print-method print objects of class 'sdcProblem-class'.
problemInstance-class S4 class describing a problemInstance-object
protectLinkedTables Protect two tables with common cells
protectTable Protecting sdcProblem objects
protect_linked_tables Protect two tables with common cells
runArgusBatchFile runArgusBatchFile
safeObj-class S4 class describing a safeObj-object
sdcProb2df Transform a problem instance
sdcProblem-class S4 class describing a sdcProblem-object
sdc_testproblem A Problem-Instance used for examples/testing
set.dimInfo modify 'dimInfo'-objects depending on argument 'type'
set.dimInfo-method modify 'dimInfo'-objects depending on argument 'type'
set.problemInstance modify 'problemInstance'-objects depending on argument 'type'
set.problemInstance-method modify 'problemInstance'-objects depending on argument 'type'
set.sdcProblem modify 'sdcProblem'-objects depending on argument 'type'
set.sdcProblem-method modify 'sdcProblem'-objects depending on argument 'type'
setInfo Set/Update information in 'sdcProblem' or 'problemInstance' objects
show-method show objects of class 'sdcProblem-class'.
simpleTriplet-class S4 class describing a simpleTriplet-object
summary-method summarize object of class 'sdcProblem-class' or 'safeObj-class'.
writeJJFormat Write a problem in jj-format to a file