Finding Convergence Clubs

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Documentation for package ‘ConvergenceClubs’ version 2.2.5

Help Pages

ConvergenceClubs-package ConvergenceClubs: Finding Convergence Clubs
computeH Compute H values
ConvergenceClubs ConvergenceClubs: Finding Convergence Clubs
coreG Find core (primary) group
dim.convergence.clubs 'dim' method for S3 object 'convergence.clubs'
estimateMod Log-t test for convergence
filteredGDP Filtered per-capita GDP of 152 Countries from 1970 to 2003
findClubs Finds convergence clubs
GDP Per-capita GDP of 152 Countries from 1970 to 2003
mergeClubs Merge convergence clubs
mergeDivergent Merge divergent units
plot.convergence.clubs Plot method for S3 class 'convergence.clubs'
print.convergence.clubs Print method for S3 object 'convergence.clubs'
summary.convergence.clubs Summary method for S3 object 'convergence.clubs'
transition_paths Extract transition paths from a 'convergence.clubs' object