Estimating Causal Dose Response Functions

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Documentation for package ‘causaldrf’ version 0.4.2

Help Pages

add_spl_est The additive spline estimator
aipwee_est Prediction with a residual bias correction estimator
bart_est The BART estimator
gam_est The GAM estimator
get_ci This calculates an upper and lower bound from bootstrap matrix
hi_est The Hirano and Imbens estimator
hi_sim_data Simulated data from Hirano and Imbens (2004)
iptw_est The inverse probability of treatment weighting (iptw) estimator
ismw_est The inverse second moment weighting (ismw) estimator
iw_est The inverse weighting estimator (nonparametric method)
nmes_data Data set containing data from the National Medical Expenditure Survey (NMES)
nw_est The Nadaraya-Watson modified estimator
overlap_fun This function creates an overlapping dataset
prop_spline_est The propensity-spline prediction estimator
reg_est The regression prediction estimator
scalar_wts This function calculates scalar weights for use in other models
sim_data Simulated data from Schafer and Galagate (2015)
t_mod A function to estimate conditional expected values and higher order moments
wtrg_est The weighted regression estimator