'AWS Python SDK' ('boto3') for R

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Documentation for package ‘botor’ version 0.3.0

Help Pages

assert_s3_uri Check if an argument looks like an S3 bucket
boto3 Raw access to the boto3 module imported at package load time
boto3_version boto3 version
botor The default, fork-safe Boto3 session
botor_client Creates an initial or reinitialize an already existing AWS client or resource cached in the package's namespace
check_s3_uri Check if an argument looks like an S3 bucket
expect_s3_uri Check if an argument looks like an S3 bucket
iam The default, fork-safe IAM client on the top of 'botor'
iam_get_user Retrieves information about the specified IAM user, including the user's creation date, path, unique ID, and ARN
iam_whoami Get the current AWS username
kinesis The default, fork-safe Kinesis client on the top of 'botor'
kinesis_describe_stream Describes the specified Kinesis data stream
kinesis_get_records Gets data records from a Kinesis data stream's shard
kinesis_get_shard_iterator Gets an Amazon Kinesis shard iterator
kinesis_put_record Writes a single data record into an Amazon Kinesis data stream
kms The default, fork-safe KMS client on the top of 'botor'
kms_decrypt Decrypt cipher into plain text via KMS
kms_decrypt_file Decrypt file via KMS
kms_encrypt Encrypt plain text via KMS
kms_encrypt_file Encrypt file via KMS
kms_generate_data_key Generate a data encryption key for envelope encryption via KMS
mime_guess Guess the type of a file based on the filename using 'mimetypes' Python module
s3 The default, fork-safe Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) client on the top of 'botor'
s3_copy Copy an object from one S3 location to another
s3_delete Delete an object stored in S3
s3_download_file Download a file from S3
s3_exists Checks if an object exists in S3
s3_list_buckets List all S3 buckets
s3_ls List objects at an S3 path
s3_object Create an S3 Object reference from an URI
s3_put_object_tagging Sets tags on s3 object overwriting all existing tags. Note: tags and metadata tags are not the same
s3_read Download and read a file from S3, then clean up
s3_upload_file Upload a file to S3
s3_write Write an R object into S3
ssm The default, fork-safe AWS Systems Manager (SSM) client on the top of 'botor'
ssm_get_parameter Read AWS System Manager's Parameter Store
sts_whoami Returns details about the IAM user or role whose credentials are used to call the operation
test_s3_uri Check if an argument looks like an S3 bucket