Conventional and Fuzzy Data Envelopment Analysis

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Documentation for package ‘deaR’ version 1.4.1

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Airlines Data: Coelli, Grifell-Tatje, and Perelman (2002).
bootstrap_basic Bootstrapping DEA
Coelli_1998 Data: Coelli, Rao and Battese (1998).
Coll_Blasco_2006 Data: Coll and Blasco (2006).
cross_efficiency Cross efficiency analysis
cross_efficiency_fuzzy Cross efficiency fuzzy analysis
Departments Data: Tomkins and Green (1988).
Doyle_Green_1994 Data: Doyle and Green (1994).
Economy Data: Wang and Lan (2011).
EconomyLong Data: Wang and Lan (2011).
efficiencies Objective scores
efficiencies.dea Objective scores
efficiencies.dea_fuzzy Efficiencies
eff_dmus Efficient DMUs.
Electric_plants Data: Färe, Grosskopf and Kokkelenberg (1989).
extreme_efficient Extreme efficient DMUs
Fortune500 Data: Zhu (2014).
Fried1993 Data: Fried, Knox Lovell and Schmidt (1993).
FuzzyExample Data: Fuzzy data reading example.
Golany_Roll_1989 Data: Golany and Roll (1989).
Grifell_Lovell_1999 Data: Grifell-Tatjé and Lovell (1999).
Guo_Tanaka_2001 Data: Guo and Tanaka (2001).
Hotels Data: Wu, Tsai and Zhou (2011).
Hua_Bian_2007 Data: Hua and Bian (2007).
is.dea dea class check.
is.deadata deadata class check.
is.deadata_fuzzy deadata_fuzzy class check.
is.dea_fuzzy dea_fuzzy class check.
is.friends Friends check.
Kao_Liu_2003 Data: Kao and Liu (2003).
lambdas Lambdas
Leon2003 Data: Leon, Liern, Ruiz and Sirvent (2003).
Libraries Data: Cooper, Seiford and Tone (2007).
Lim_Zhu_2015 Data: Lim and Zhu (2015).
make_deadata make_deadata
make_deadata_fuzzy make_deadata_fuzzy
make_malmquist make_malmquist
malmquist_index Malmquist index
maximal_friends Maximal friends of a set of DMUs.
modelfuzzy_guotanaka Fuzzy DEA model
modelfuzzy_kaoliu Fuzzy DEA model.
modelfuzzy_possibilistic Possibilistic Fuzzy DEA model.
model_additive Additive DEA model.
model_addmin Additive-min DEA model.
model_addsupereff Additive super-efficiency DEA model.
model_basic Basic (radial and directional) DEA model.
model_deaps Preference Structure DEA model.
model_fdh Free disposal hull (FDH) model.
model_multiplier Multiplier DEA model
model_nonradial Non-radial DEA model.
model_profit Profit efficiency DEA model.
model_rdm Range directional model.
model_sbmeff Slack based measure (SBM) of efficiency model.
model_sbmsupereff Slack based measure of superefficiency model
model_supereff Radial super-efficiency basic DEA model
multipliers Multipliers
PFT1981 Data: Charnes, Cooper and Rhodes (1981).
plot.dea Plot for DEA models.
plot.dea_fuzzy Plot for fuzzy DEA models.
Power_plants Data: Tone (2002).
print.deadata deadata class print method
print.deadata_fuzzy deadata_fuzzy class print method
read_data read_data
read_data_fuzzy read_data_fuzzy
read_malmquist read_malmquist
references References
rts Returns to scale
Ruggiero2007 Data: Ruggiero (2007).
slacks Slacks
summary.dea Summary conventional DEA models.
summary.dea_fuzzy Summary Fuzzy DEA models.
Supply_Chain Data: Sanei and Mamizadeh Chatghayeb (2013).
targets Targets
Tone2001 Data: Tone (2001).
Tone2003 Data: Tone (2003).
undesirable_basic Undesirable inputs and outputs for basic DEA model.