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Documentation for package ‘descriptr’ version 0.5.2

Help Pages

descriptr 'descriptr' package
ds_auto_cross_table Multiple One & Two Way Tables
ds_auto_freq_table Multiple One & Two Way Tables
ds_auto_group_summary Tabulation
ds_auto_summary_stats Descriptive statistics and frquency tables
ds_cross_table Two way table
ds_css Corrected Sum of Squares
ds_cvar Coefficient of Variation
ds_extreme_obs Extreme observations
ds_freq_cont Frequency table
ds_freq_table Frequency table
ds_gmean Geometric Mean
ds_group_summary Groupwise descriptive statistics
ds_group_summary_interact Category wise descriptive statistics
ds_hmean Harmonic Mean
ds_kurtosis Kurtosis
ds_launch_shiny_app Launch Shiny App
ds_mdev Mean Absolute Deviation
ds_measures_location Measures of location
ds_measures_symmetry Measures of symmetry
ds_measures_variation Measures of variation
ds_mode Mode
ds_multi_stats Tidy descriptive statistics
ds_oway_tables Multiple One & Two Way Tables
ds_percentiles Percentiles
ds_plot_bar Generate bar plots
ds_plot_bar_grouped Generate grouped bar plots
ds_plot_bar_stacked Generate stacked bar plots
ds_plot_box_group Compare distributions
ds_plot_box_single Generate box plots
ds_plot_density Generate density plots
ds_plot_histogram Generate histograms
ds_plot_scatter Generate scatter plots
ds_range Range
ds_rindex Index Values
ds_screener Screen data
ds_skewness Skewness
ds_std_error Standard error of mean
ds_summary_stats Descriptive statistics
ds_tailobs Tail Observations
ds_tidy_stats Tidy descriptive statistics
ds_tway_tables Multiple One & Two Way Tables
ds_twoway_table Two way table
hsb High School and Beyond Data Set
mtcarz mtcarz
plot.ds_cross_table Two way table
plot.ds_freq_table Frequency table
plot.ds_group_summary Groupwise descriptive statistics
plot.ds_screener Screen data