Continuous Glucose Monitoring Data Analyzer

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Documentation for package ‘CGManalyzer’ version 1.3.1

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CGManalyzer-package Continuous Glucose Monitoring Data Analyzer
antennaPlot.fn draw an antenna plot
boxplotCGM.fn Draw a boxplot for continuous glucose monitoring data sensor by sensor
CGManalyzer Continuous Glucose Monitoring Data Analyzer
CONGA.fn Function to calculate the continuous overlapping net glycemic action (CONGA)
equalInterval.fn Function to derive the data with equal interval
fac2char.fn function to convert a factor to a vector
fixMissing.fn Function to fix missing values in a vector
MODD.fn Function to calculate the mean of daily differences (MODD)
MSEbyC.fn call a C function to calculate multiscale entropy
MSEplot.fn Plot the mean and standard error or standard deviation of multiscale entropy by group
pairwiseComparison.fn function to calculate mean difference and its confidence interval, SSMD, p-value of t.test for pairwise comparison
plotTseries.fn function to plot time series data
setSPEC.fn Load settings for the selected SPEC parameter.
ssmdEffect.fn function to derive the type of effect size based on SSMD values
summaryCGM.fn Function to calculate the summary statistics for each subject or sensor: number of subjects or sensors, minimum, 1st quartile, median, mean, 2nd quartile, maximum, standard deviation, MAD
timeSeqConversion.fn function to convert a matrix (with columns for year, month, day, minute and/or second) to a time sequence in a unit of minute or second