Utilities for Streamlined Data Import, Imputation and Modelling

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Documentation for package ‘basecamb’ version 1.0.4

Help Pages

.scale_variable Scaling a variable
apply_data_dictionary Clean column names, types and levels
apply_function_to_imputed_data Apply function to dataframes in a mice object
assign_factorial_levels Assign custom values for key levels in factorial columns
assign_types_names Assign tidy types and names to a data.frame
build_model_formula Build formula for statistical models
deconstruct_formula Deconstruct formula
filter_nth_entry Filter dataframe for nth entry
fit_mult_impute_obs_outcome Fit a model on multiply imputed data using only observatoin with non-missing outcome(s)
or_model_summary Summarise a logistic regression model on the odds ratio scale
parse_date_columns Parse values in date columns as Dates
remove_missing_from_mids Remove missing cases from a mids object
scale_continuous_predictors Scale continuous predictors