Read, Write, Manipulate, Explore Chess PGN Files and R API to UCI Chess Engines

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Documentation for package ‘bigchess’ version 1.9.1

Help Pages

analyze_game Analyze game
analyze_position Analyze position
browse_eco_opening Browse ECO opening
browse_opening Browse opening
eco ECO
extract_moves Extract first N moves
FirstTwoMoves Example dataset
lan2san Movetext conversion from LAN to SAN
n_moves Compute number of moves
player_profile Compute player profile
plot_tree_eco Plot tree for a given tree ECO table
plot_tree_move Plot tree for a given tree move table
read.pgn Reads PGN files into data frame
read.pgn.db Reads PGN files into database table
read.pgn.ff Reads PGN files into ff data frame
san2lan Movetext conversion from SAN to LAN
stat_moves Extract statistics of moves
tree_eco Compute ECO tree
tree_move Compute tree for a given move
uci_cmd Sending command to chess engine
uci_debug Sending command debug for chess engine
uci_engine Create an engine handler in R
uci_go Sending command go for chess engine
uci_isready Checking if chess engine is ready
uci_parse Parse GUI commands from chess engine
uci_ponderhit Sending command ponderhit for chess engine
uci_position Sending command position for chess engine
uci_quit Sending quit command to chess engine
uci_read Read current stdout from chess engine
uci_register Sending command register for chess engine
uci_setoption Sending command setoption for chess engine
uci_stop Sending command stop for chess engine
uci_uci Sending command uci for chess engine
uci_ucinewgame Sending command ucinewgame for chess engine
write.pgn Write PGN data.frames into file