Canadian Hydrological Analyses

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Documentation for package ‘CSHShydRology’ version 1.4.0

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CSHShydRology-package Functions for Canadian hydrological analyses
Basic_data_manipulation_functions Basic data manipulation functions
CAN01AD002 Streamflow data
CAN05AA008 CAN05AA008
ch_axis_doy Generates the x axis beginning on specified day of year
ch_binned_MannWhitney Compares two time periods of data using Mann-Whitney test
ch_booth_plot Create Booth plot of peaks over a threshold
ch_catchment_hyps Catchment hypsometry
ch_checkcatchment Check Catchments
ch_checkchannels Check Channels
ch_circ_mean_reg Calculates the circular mean, median, and regularity
ch_clear_wd Clear Working Directory
ch_color_gradient ch_color_gradient
ch_col_gradient Creates a colour gradient
ch_col_transparent Add Transparency to plot colours
ch_contours Create Contours
ch_create_wd Create working directory
ch_cut_block Extracts a specified time period from a longer record
ch_date_subset Subsets dates by string
ch_decades_plot Plots output from ch_binned_MannWhitney for decades
ch_doys Days of year and water year
ch_fdcurve Plot Flow Duration Curve
ch_flow_raster Raster plot of daily streamflows
ch_flow_raster_qa Raster plot of daily streamflows with WSC quality flags
ch_flow_raster_trend Raster plot and simple trends of observed streamflows by periods
ch_get_ECDE_metadata Reads Environment Canada Date Explorer (ECDE) meta data file
ch_get_map_base ch_get_map_base
ch_get_peaks Extracts peak flows over a threshold
ch_get_url_data Gets remote data sets
ch_get_wscstation Reads station information from a data file produced by ECDE
ch_hydrograph_plot Hydrograph plot
ch_map_plot_data Generate a map for a defined area
ch_polar_plot Polar plot of daily streamflows
ch_polar_plot_peaks Polar / circular plots of peak flows
ch_polar_plot_prep Creates a data structure to be passed to 'ch_polar_plot'
ch_qa_hydrograph Plots a hydrograph with the data quality symbols and returns a report on qa symbols and missing data.
ch_read_AHCCD_daily Reads AHCCD daily file
ch_read_AHCCD_monthly Reads AHCCD monthly file
ch_read_ECDE_flows Reads a file of WSC daily flows from ECDataExplorer (ECDE)
ch_regime_plot Plots the regime of daily streamflows using quantiles
ch_rfa_distseason Distance in seasonal space Distance in seasonal space
ch_rfa_distseason.formula Distance in seasonal space
ch_rfa_distseason.numeric Distance in seasonal space
ch_rfa_extractamax Extracts the annual maxima of a daily time series
ch_rfa_extractamax.default Extracts the annual maxima of a daily time series
ch_rfa_extractamax.formula Extracts the annual maxima of a daily time series
ch_rfa_julianplot Circular plotting by day of year
ch_rfa_seasonstat Seasonal statistics for flood peaks Seasonal statistics for flood peaks
ch_rfa_seasonstat.formula Seasonal statistics for flood peaks
ch_sh_get_amax Extracts annual maximum values from ECDE dataframe.
ch_slice Converts doy or dwy into a factor that is used to bin data
ch_sub_set_Years Helper function for selecting points for an axis
ch_tidyhydat_ECDE Converts a tidyhydat daily flow data tibble to ECDE format
ch_tidyhydat_ECDE_meta Creates an ECDE-like dataframe of metadata from 'tidyhydat'
ch_tr_sign ch_tr_sign
ch_tr_signif ch_tr_signif()
ch_volcano_pourpoints Creates a sample file of pour points
ch_volcano_raster Create Test Raster
ch_wbt_catchment Delineate catchment boundaries
ch_wbt_catchment_onestep Delineates a catchment in a single step
ch_wbt_channels Generate stream network
ch_wbt_filenames Creates names for Whitebox function input and output files
ch_wbt_flow_accumulation Creates flow accumulation grid file
ch_wbt_flow_direction Creates flow direction grid file
ch_wbt_pourpoints Snap pour points to channels
ch_wbt_removesinks Removes sinks from a DEM
ch_wtr_yr Designation of the water year
flowAtlantic Annual maxima from sites in the Atlantic region of Canada
HYDAT_list List of Water Survey of Canada hydrometic stations.
Spatial_hydrology_functions Spatial Hydrology functions
StatisticalHydrology-functions Statistical analysis functions
Visualization-functions Visualization functions