Generating Alpha Shapes

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Documentation for package ‘ashapesampler’ version 1.0.0

Help Pages

calc_overlap_2D Calculate Overlap 2D
calc_overlap_3D calculate overlap in three dimensions (calc_overlap_3D)
cap_intersect_vol Intersection of spheres
circle_overlap_cc Circle Overlap Centered on Circumference
circle_overlap_ia Circle Overlap Inner Annulus
circumcenter_face circumcenter Face
circumcenter_tet circumcenter Tetrahedra
circ_face_2D Circumcenter face - three points in 2D Given 3 sets of coordinates, calculates the circumcenter
circ_face_3D Circumcenter face - three points in 3D Given 3 sets of coordinates, calculates the circumcenter
circ_tet_3D Circumcenter tetrahedron - 4 points in 3D Given 3D coordinates of 4 points, calculates circumcenter
count_neighbors Neighbors function - finds number of neighbors for each point in point cloud.
euclid_dists_point_cloud_2D Euclidean Distance Point Cloud 2D
euclid_dists_point_cloud_3D Euclidean Distance Point Cloud 3D
extract_complex_edges Returns the edges of complex.
extract_complex_faces Returns faces of complex.
extract_complex_tet Returns tetrahedra of complex (3 dimensions)
extreme_pts Extreme points Finds the boundary points of a simplicial complex
generate_ashape2d Generate 2D alpha shape
generate_ashape3d Generate 3D alpha shape
get_alpha_complex Get alpha complex
get_area Get area
get_volume Get volume
n_bound_connect_2D n Bound Connect 2D
n_bound_connect_3D N Bound Connect 3D
n_bound_homology_2D n Bound Homology 2D
n_bound_homology_3D n Bound Homology 3D
readOFF Read OFF File
read_alpha_txt Read alpha text file
runif_annulus Uniform Sampling from Annulus
runif_ball_3D Uniform Ball 3D
runif_cube r Uniform Cube
runif_disk Uniform sampling from disk
runif_shell_3D Uniform Shell 3D
runif_square Uniform Sampling from Square
sampling2Dashape Sampling 2D alpha shapes
sampling3Dashape Sample 3D alpha shapes
sphere_overlap_cs sphere overlap when one is centered on circumference of the other
sphere_overlap_is sphere overlap inner shell
spherical_cap Spherical cap
tau_bound tau_bound
write_alpha_txt Write Alpha Text file